How To Set Up & Launch Twitter Remarketing

Twitter has definitely been a slow mover in terms of creating and launching their own self service ads platform but the good news is that businesses in New Zealand can now run their own Twitter ads. There are a huge range of ad types and targeting you can use but the one I am most excited about is Twitter Remarketing. These ads give you the ability to market to people who have previously visited your website and who know your brand already which can be an incredibly targeted way to generate new customers or to push new offers to past customers. Setting up remarketing is an easy process, simply follow the steps below and you’ll be good to go.
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What Is Referrer Spam & How Can You Block It

If you constantly dig around in your Analytics software looking for opportunities and insights you have likely noticed referrer spam. Used for quite a long time but taken to a new level by a company called (which calls itself an SEO tool) essentially this method of ‘advertising’ is where your website is flooded with traffic from all different countries, IP addresses, devices and at different times during the week but all with the same website referrer. The hope of these spammers is that you will then notice the traffic in your analytics and investigate why the website is linking to you – to then convert to their service, or buy their product.

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29 Of The Greatest 404 Error Pages On The Internet

The dreaded 404 error. It is something that a large portion of internet users see on a daily basis with websites continually being updated and upgraded by careless webmasters who forget to set up redirects (despite great guides on how to launch a new website correctly like this one). With the rate of 404 errors so high you would think it would be a priority to optimise these pages for every website; though most simply leave their boring and uninspiring server or CMS error page up.
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A Review Of ‘Boat Insurance’ Advertisers On Google Adwords

This article originally appeared on Web Profits blog.

After a sunny Sunday checking out multi-million dollar yachts on Sydney Harbour, the thought of boat ownership crossed my mind.

Forgetting the fact that I lacked a million dollars, an evening researching boats led me to checking out “boat insurance”… and what I found was quite shocking.

With an estimated cost-per-click (CPC) of around $11 and 3,600 searches per month, there’s no doubt that “boat insurance” is a valuable keyword. And from what I found of the advertisers vying for the top positions, almost all of them are leaking money with Google.

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11 Types Of Links I Built In 2014 & What I’m Going To Build This Year


A citation to my Marmite article in Wikipedia.

A few years ago before the Penguins & Pandas of the online marketing world it was possible to do what you want with your website content and build large volumes of low quality, easy-to-get links and still rank on Google. Unfortunately, those days are gone and it is now harder to rank a site organically for your chosen keywords. These days it is all about quality and once you’ve nailed the content which is in your control, it becomes all about links. Generally the harder the link is to obtain the better quality it will be and the bigger impact it will have on your rankings. Link diversity is also important with Google comparing the proportion of each type of link in each niche as well as nofollow vs dofollow link ratios (which is why I am now happy with either type of link).

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