5 Ways One Of Australia’s Biggest eCommerce Companies Plans To Grow This Year

This post originally appeared on Inside Retail and InternetRetailing.com.au.

You may not have heard of Redbubble but it is an eCommerce company, launched in Melbourne back in 2006. Essentially, the website allows artists to sell their art, photography and patterns which are printed on a range of items including t-shirts, cushions and phone covers with Redbubble taking care of the sale, manufacturing and shipping. It has attracted artists and customers from around the world and since 2006 has quietly grown to be one of the country’s biggest eCommerce companies with 147.8 million website visitors last financial year and revenue of $114.6 million, growth of 61.2% compared to the previous year.

Redbubble is again forecasting strong growth this financial year with revenue expected to jump by 50.26% to $172.2 million. With the business 10 years old many analysts would assume it has matured and would expect growth to taper off, however they are showing no signs of stopping – so how are they doing it?

Redbubble’s growth in GTV (gross transaction value) since FY08.

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How we grew Australian Ethical’s monthly super signups by 255%

This article originally appeared on Web Profits blog.

The agency I work for, Web Profits, launched Fluid Online Marketing last year with the aim of radically improving online marketing, and for a large number of clients – in a wide range of industries – it’s been a huge success.

With Fluid Online Marketing, clients get assigned a full marketing team (akin to an outsourced marketing team). Teams vary in size but usually include:

  • 1x Fluid Lead
  • 1x CRO Producer (covering CRO, PPC, Email & Design)
  • 1x Social Media Producer
  • 1x SEO Producer
  • 1x Content Producer

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Case Study: Do Short Forms Always Win?

It is commonly thought that the shorter the form is on your website or landing page the higher the conversion rate will be. I have personally seen short forms outperform long ones consistently as they cause less friction and require less time and commitment from a potential prospect however I wanted to test if this was always the case.

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Case Study: How One Simple Change Increased Expedia’s Revenue By $12 Million A Year

expedia-logoAs an online business Expedia relies entirely on their website to drive revenue, with even small user experience issues having major potential costs. Expedia have a team of UX specialists and every part of their website is planned meticulously. However that doesn’t mean they stop trying to increase their conversion rate.

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How Marmite Grew Their Facebook Page By 2,975%

As a performance marketer I tend to shy away from branding and any marketing in which the ROI is unmeasurable. That said, when I see an online marketing campaign executed extremely well with an almost certain positive return on investment I can’t help but share it.

One of the best social media marketing campaigns I have seen executed in the past few years is Sanitariums handling of the Christchurch Earthquake in February 2011 which destroyed their factory and cut the supply of Marmite to Australasia until March 2013. The Marmite team made the best of this crisis and used it to generate significant brand exposure calling on those loyal to the brand to spread the word about the products relaunch.

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