Interview with The Marketing Insider – “What the heck does the Head of Marketing @ Cluey Learning do?”

I can’t believe it’s been over 3-years since my last article or video posted here – coincidentally the same time as I started growing and scaling the marketing for Cluey Learning (ASX:CLU) which has become one of the fastest growing tech companies in Australia – raising a Series A and then going onto IPO – all in a few years. More on how we achieved that one day soon! In the meantime, here’s an interview I took part in which originally appeared on The Marketing Insider.

Interview with Duncan Jones – Head of Marketing @ Cluey Learning

In this exclusive we cover:
👉 Duncan’s day to day leading and building Cluey’s internal growth marketing team
👉 Duncan’s role in evolving Cluey’s draw competition, making it the company’s most popular customer acquisition channel
👉 Entry level roles into tech marketing

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11 Thank You Page Examples To Help Optimise Your Thanks, Confirmation & Success Pages

Of all the time and effort that is put into designing a website and using conversion rate optimisation to split test and improve it, not a lot of love goes into the thank you or success pages your visitors see after they have completed an action you want them to take and it’s a huge opportunity you should be taking advantage of.

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How We Grew Aussie Broadband From $25m To $50m ARR In 12 Months

Aussie Broadband were a small telco servicing rural Australia and providing ADSL + Wireless Internet.

With the nbn™ being rolled out across Australia to replace ADSL, Aussie Broadband utilised a third-party provider to sell nbn™ to it’s customers but over time, congestion within the network damaged their brand and the experience their customers were receiving.

This left Aussie Broadband with a choice: they could either continue as they were and struggle to provide the quality of service they wanted, or they could evolve and build a nationwide nbn™ network that could compete with the big 4 telcos. They chose the latter and to support this initiative they needed to increase recurring revenue significantly.

The following outlines how the combined marketing teams at Web Profits and Aussie Broadband worked together on a 12-month growth marketing campaign to rapidly grow the business – a campaign which I was Growth Lead on in collaboration with Matthew Kusi-Appauh at Aussie Broadband’s end.

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