AI & Automation – what i’ve learnt and what i’ve built (so far)

About 7 months ago I made the decision to take up a new challenge and move on from my Head of Marketing role to join Arkana Energy, one of the top 5 solar installation companies in Australia.

My role there? Use AI, Automation and whatever other tools needed to help improve the business – from marketing, sales, operations – any part of the business that I could help move the needle and make a positive impact on. Plus of course, taking on the performance marketing and lead generation responsibilities and seeing how we can evolve that and the 5,000-7,000 enquiries we generate each month.

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Interview with The Marketing Insider – “What the heck does the Head of Marketing @ Cluey Learning do?”

I can’t believe it’s been over 3-years since my last article or video posted here – coincidentally the same time as I started growing and scaling the marketing for Cluey Learning (ASX:CLU) which has become one of the fastest growing tech companies in Australia – raising a Series A and then going onto IPO – all in a few years. More on how we achieved that one day soon! In the meantime, here’s an interview I took part in which originally appeared on The Marketing Insider.

Interview with Duncan Jones – Head of Marketing @ Cluey Learning

In this exclusive we cover:
👉 Duncan’s day to day leading and building Cluey’s internal growth marketing team
👉 Duncan’s role in evolving Cluey’s draw competition, making it the company’s most popular customer acquisition channel
👉 Entry level roles into tech marketing

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