Best Wireframing Software for Web & UX Design

It has been a long time since ive actually sketched on a pad of paper a wireframe or prototype and to say im thankful would be an understatement. A wireframe or prototype is essentially an outline of a website, landing page, app or other user interface such as software. The wireframe gives designers and developers a very clear guide on exactly how you want something laid out and gives you time to think about and plan the user experience elements of a design. This is vital if you want to maximise your conversion rates and user satisfaction.

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WIN: Confessions of an Advertising Man By David Ogilvy

confessionsWhilst the book ‘Confessions of an Advertising Man’ was written back in 1963 before online marketing (and the internet!) was invented, it is still an incredible book that any marketing professional can learn from. The book is written by David Ogilvy who is considered the ‘Father Of Advertising’ by many and a ‘Creative Genius’ by most. At 37 years of age he founded the New York based advertising agency which later became Ogilvy & Mather and through a mix of research, sales copywriting and big creative ideas he cemented himself as one of the most talented marketers of his era. To celebrate the end of 2014 I thought I would give away a copy so one reader can learn from and apply his techniques to improve their online marketing ROI.

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Plugin: Change Your Admin Bar Greeting To Maori

If you’re anything like me, you’ll be sick of being greeted to your WordPress Admin panel with a Texas greeting of ‘Howdy’ or the Magento greeting of ‘Logged in as’ then you’ll love this plugin.

Simply install this plugin and you will instantly be greeted with the Maori greeting of Kia Ora and the current New Zealand flag – a little bit of Kiwiana inside your WordPress or Magento dashboard.

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