Taking Your Email Marketing To The Next Level With Browse Abandonment Emails

If you have an eCommerce or transactional website which sells online you will no doubt be using email marketing to drive sales. One email technique which you probably aren’t taking advantage of is Browse Abandonment Emails. A lot of case studies have shown great success with this form of email, such as Silverpop’s client SmartPak Equine who generated a 37.6% open rate, 7.4% click-through rate and 44 cents revenue per email sent (compared to $4.80 RPES for their cart abandonment emails).

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Using Automatic Image Sliders? You Need To Read This!

A recent trend in web design which is showing no signs of slowing is the use of automatic image sliders (also known as carousels or rotators) which cycle through different banner images or slides at set times after loading. These sliders are a great way to satisfy each and every stakeholder involved in a business with different products and services getting a chance to share the limelight on the homepage. They can however have a significant negative effect on your website’s conversion rate.

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How New Zealand’s Most Popular Websites Used To Look

Today I thought I would take a look back at New Zealand websites as they were back in the late 90s when the Y2K bug was a real threat and in the early 2000’s when we knew it wasn’t.

From Trade Me to Westpac to Air New Zealand, ive looked into them all and the changes to the design and usability of the sites along with the logos have been impressive.

To view the websites of your favourite brands below simply click the slider and slide left to right.

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