Why Every Company Should Be Using Remarketing


This article originally appeared on Stop Press.

Remarketing is a growing marketing strategy which a number of companies are not yet utilising, but should be.

Essentially, remarketing is the process of re-engaging your target audience who have had contact with your website through past marketing campaigns, but have not yet converted. It is an extremely effective way of increasing your sales or leads generated online, as your audience is highly targeted and already receptive to your brand.

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8 Tips To Improve Your Email Deliverability Rates

Email Marketing is an incredibly effective and low cost way of marketing, and when done correctly it can yield an extremely high ROI. The one downfall of email marketing however is deliverability. An email deliverability rate refers to the percentage of emails that actually make it into a subscribers inbox. There are a number of reasons why an email may not make it into the inbox, the most common being that the message is classified by the email platform as spam. So how can you increase your chance of your email marketing getting into a users inbox?

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How Marmite Grew Their Facebook Page By 2,975%

As a performance marketer I tend to shy away from branding and any marketing in which the ROI is unmeasurable. That said, when I see an online marketing campaign executed extremely well with an almost certain positive return on investment I can’t help but share it.

One of the best social media marketing campaigns I have seen executed in the past few years is Sanitariums handling of the Christchurch Earthquake in February 2011 which destroyed their factory and cut the supply of Marmite to Australasia until March 2013. The Marmite team made the best of this crisis and used it to generate significant brand exposure calling on those loyal to the brand to spread the word about the products relaunch.

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