What Is An Explainer Video?

Explainer videos have been an extremely popular marketing strategy for many tech startup companies in the past, and recently these videos have been going more mainstream. An explainer video is simply a short, one to two minute video which explains in simple terms what a product or service does.

Generally, explainer videos use animation and text throughout and start by explaining the problem that the product or service aims to solve. The aim of the video is to be fun and engage the audience throughout with the ultimate goal of improving conversion rates on websites and landing pages.

An example Explainer Video – OutReach GPDS

With faster internet speeds and a growing population that prefer to consume information through video, the trend in using explainer videos is sure to continue. As with all aspects of your online marketing whether or not to have a video on your website or landing page should be split tested however if the video is done well and clearly explains your offering it will usually have a positive effect on your conversion rate. There are a number of ways to ensure your video is successful, so it is important to read a ‘how to’ guide which will ensure you don’t waste money on a video that doesn’t convert.

There are a number of companies which can help you produce an explainer video, each with their own style. A few of the companies I recommend are:

  • explanimate.com.au – dedicated to making just explainer videos, have worked with some notable Australian brands including BHP Billiton.
  • videozee.com – a US based company that creates explainer videos from $299us, if using a US company its best to check you can have your voiceover done by a local.
  • videojane.com – a template based explainer video company that is affordable and can deliver finished videos in under 72 hours.

To give you an idea on how you may be able to use an explainer video here is two of my favourite videos which are currently being used:

Mint.com’s Explainer Video
CrazyEgg.com’s Explainer Video

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  1. Thanks for this blog, really useful to know how to kick off with these explainer vids and I really appreciate your links to providers as I’m currently on the hunt for one for my biz. Cheers :o)

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