5 Landing Pages I Love

Landing pages are comonly used in PPC and Social Media campaigns by directing visitors to a URL of your choice, and recently they have even been used in place of an entire website. Landing pages are essentially cut down versions of the full website, and remove distractions such as menu items and usually have a clear headline and one main call to action which is the focus of the page. Landing pages generally have a higher conversion rate than standard websites and make split testing and conversion rate optimisation quick and easy to implement.

I have seen a lot of landing pages used, ranging from those with nothing but a headline and phone number, to more complex landing pages full of information and copy. It is important to test your market to find out which style of landing page will work best for you, but to give you a head start I have sourced 5 of my favourite landing pages that you’d be smart to replicate the structure of for your own business.






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Duncan Jones

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I am a growth marketing specialist from New Zealand and im passionate about growing businesses through creative and performance focused digital marketing. I insist on tracking everything, follow proven growth processes and I still love the thrill of getting a first conversion then optimising & scaling the campaigns for clients across a huge range of industries. You can find me on LinkedIn here, find out how to hire me here or you can contact me here.

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