Cheapest NZ Domain Name Registrars

There are a huge range of domain registrars that can register your domain names for you so how can you know which one to use? Despite lists of ‘features’ that come with your domain name the offering provided by each registrar is actually quite similar so a major part of your decision should come down to price.

To help you decide which registrar to use I have ordered each registrar by the cost of one years registration of a domain name.

If you have any additional registrars to add or if you notice these prices have changed please let me know. Registration Cost$19.72/year ($17.95aud/year)$19.99/year$20.59/year$22.95/year (inc GST)$22.95/year (inc GST)$24/year (inc GST)$24.73/year (inc GST)$25.13/year (inc GST)$27.40/year ($24.95aud/year)$28.70/year (inc GST)$28.85/year (inc GST)$29.85/year (inc GST)$29.90/year (inc GST)$30.10/year (£15/year)$30.70/year ($24usd/year)$31.99/year ($26usd/year)$32.14/year (inc GST)$32.14/year (inc GST)$32.20/year (inc GST)$33.35/year (inc GST)$34.50/year (inc GST)$36.25/year ($33aud/year)$36.85/year ($29.95usd/year)$40/year (inc GST)$41.98/year (inc GST)$44.85/year (inc GST)$45.95/year (inc GST)$50.53/year ($46aud/year)$50.60/year (inc GST)$52.89/year (inc GST)$68.95/year (inc GST)$66.44/year ($54usd/year)$105.81/year ($86usd/year)$120.82/year ($110au/year)

$1.00aud = $1.10nzd
$1.00usd = $1.23nzd
£1.00 = $2.00nzd

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