The Growth Of Mobile Advertising

This article originally appeared on Tune.

One of the biggest shifts in advertising in the past decade has been the exponential growth of mobile advertising. With a shift in the way people use and consume media from newspapers to desktops and now to mobile, the advertising industry has had to change at a rapid pace. So where did mobile advertising begin?

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Tracking The Success Of Your Marketing Campaigns

One of the main advantages of online marketing is the ability to accurately track the success of different marketing sources, this enables optimisation of each campaign and efficient allocation of budgets to improve the ROI. This advantage is one that is essential to outperform competitors yet a large number of businesses that are investing money online are yet to set up a way to track different sources. It is not hard to set up your website to enable this tracking however, simply follow these instructions.

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Timing Online Marketing To Maximise ROI

When optimising your online marketing efforts to increase your ROI, every aspect needs to be reviewed. One which is commonly overlooked is the time of the day, or day of the week that you send or launch the marketing campaign online. Optimising your campaign to send, or turn on your adverts at the ideal times, can have a big impact on the number of conversions the campaign generates.

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A Creative Approach To Reputation Management

This reputation management hack sparked my interest in review generation and eventually led to me writing the Definitive Guide to Review Generation – an 8,000+ word guide to generating reviews – check it out here.

The internet has produced many benefits for businesses, but one hard-to-control feature of the online world leaves many business owners stumped – online reviews. Whether these reviews are placed on third party websites or through social media, the ratio of positive to negative reviews posted (as compared to actual experiences) favours the negative. When someone is aggrieved by a situation they feel the need to vent, and this can have a substantial effect on your business’ brand and reputation.

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