3 Social Media Infographics Every Business Needs To See

An infographic is a visual representation of information or data which aims to present the data in a quick and clear way. In recent years, infographics have seen a boom on the internet with people using them for SEO and content marketing purposes, to showcase their design skills or simply to jump on the band wagon.

For a different way of learning about social media marketing here are 3 of my favourite infographics that I find useful and hope you do to.

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Winners & Losers in a Digital Age

Conferences are an excellent way to consume information about the online world and I recently looked at the best ones to attend in New Zealand & Australia this year. Its great to attend a conference but with so many going on around the world impractical to attend them all – luckily almost all talks at these conferences are recorded and freely available on video sites to watch. In 2014, a talk by Scott Galloway at Digital-Life-Design conference in New York stood out for me where he details who he thinks will be the big winners and losers in the Digital Age which we are currently in. Find out why he thinks Instagram is on a path for social media success and what the future of eCommerce may hold below.

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How To Set Up Facebook Remarketing

As predicted in this article Facebook have now begun to offer remarketing capabilities to their advertisers directly within their platform rather than through third parties such as Adroll. Remarketing is the ability to market to someone who has been to your website in the past and is a an incredibly effective online marketing technique which almost always results in a lower cost per conversion than standard banner advertising as the audience you are targeting has already been exposed to your brand. This article I wrote for Stoppress.co.nz gives some good insights into exactly why you should use remarketing. Once you’re convinced come back to this article and find out exactly how to set up Facebook remarketing.

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10 Social Media Blogs I Can’t Live Without

Social media is an extremely fast moving realm of online marketing with new networks and advertising options on each network being created all the time. As a marketer this can be incredibly daunting, you may finally work out an extremely profitable technique and then find the social media networks usage declining rapidly through no fault of your own. To combat this speed a talented social media marketer has to keep themselves up to date with each and every new development which will put them ahead and allow them to capitalise on cheaper advertising costs whilst their competitors are still focusing on the wrong networks.

I am an avid followers of social media blogs and find them extremely useful to keep up to date with the latest changes and strategies. Below are twelve of my favourite blogs which I recommend you start reading (after subscribing to my blog of course!).

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On The Map: Why Pinterest Is A Network You Can’t Ignore


This article originally appeared on Stop Press.

Pinterest is a social media network where your account is the equivalent of a scrapbook or photo album. You ‘pin’ images, infographics or videos on to themed boards to refer to later, and for others that are following you to view.

Many recent studies have shown that Pinterest is driving more traffic to websites than Twitter and LinkedIn combined, so it is a social network you can’t ignore.

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