11 Types Of Links I Built In 2014 & What I’m Going To Build This Year


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A few years ago before the Penguins & Pandas of the online marketing world it was possible to do what you want with your website content and build large volumes of low quality, easy-to-get links and still rank on Google. Unfortunately, those days are gone and it is now harder to rank a site organically for your chosen keywords. These days it is all about quality and once you’ve nailed the content which is in your control, it becomes all about links. Generally the harder the link is to obtain the better quality it will be and the bigger impact it will have on your rankings. Link diversity is also important with Google comparing the proportion of each type of link in each niche as well as nofollow vs dofollow link ratios (which is why I am now happy with either type of link).

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The Best New Zealand Directories To List Your Business In

One of the first things you should do when starting SEO and embarking on a link building campaign is to ensure the website is listed in the best directories. These are easy links to get and whilst they won’t get you ranking for a competitive term they will help. Directories have had a bad rap since Google’s algorithm updates targeting low quality links, however if you ensure you only list on high quality directories which are useful, well designed and have potential to send you traffic then you will be fine. Its important for each directory listing to have unique content so ensure you go to the effort of rewriting your business description. Continue Reading

Improving The Rank Of Your eCommerce Category Pages

Most eCommerce companies have put a lot of time and effort into their product descriptions and many go as far as utilising ‘direct sales’ style copywriting for each and every product. This focus on products has a significant effect on the conversion rate of the website (which is good) however it also leads to neglecting other pages of the website such as the category pages. Currently many eCommerce companies do not have any unique content on their category pages which will be impeding their SEO strategy, their ability to rank for certain keywords and their overall sales success.

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Tools To Analyse Your Websites Backlinks

A few years ago most SEO strategies involved a trial and error approach where you built a huge volume of links with some of them working and some of them not. The overall result was that you could rank your sites relatively easy when you had enough links that Google deemed ‘high quality’. Recent algorithm changes by Google such as Google Penguin have targeted low quality links and penalised sites if they had low quality links pointing at them. This has meant that any sites that have engaged in SEO in the past and either built low quality links themselves or had agencies building it for them have lost their rankings or been penalised. Because of these updates a lot of work is being done on link profiles and the analysis of backlinks built in the past.

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11 Essential Steps Before Launching A New Website

One major issue that exists in the online marketing industry is companies who do not consider the effect that changes to your website can have on your overall marketing strategy and success. I commonly hear about designers making or recommending major changes to websites without split testing them, or launching a new website without consideration for the traffic being sent to the website. These issues can cause huge drops in the performance of all of your online marketing. If you are thinking of launching a new or updated web design ensure that you follow these 11 essential steps which will help maintain your SEO rankings and ensure any paid advertising continues uninterrupted.

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