Why You Shouldn’t Rely On View-Through Conversions For Your Remarketing Campaigns

I am a firm advocate for measuring click based conversions when it comes to performance focused online marketing with various attribution models applied depending on the goal. With that said however, I’m also open to the fact that like real world billboards; display and remarketing campaigns can generate view-through or post impression conversions. For those that don’t know, a view-through conversion is where someone has seen your advert at some stage and then has come back to your website or landing page direct or via another source and converted into a lead or a sale.


The main issue with measuring view-through conversions however is that you can’t actually tell if the prospect seeing the ad was the reason they came back and converted, or if it was another marketing campaign (the one they clicked perhaps) that influenced their decision. They may have even come back and converted if there was no marketing turned on at all. Without a clear and accurate view of the sources, campaigns, ads or targeting that are delivering actual results it becomes hard to correctly attribute the conversion and then optimise and improve your overall marketing results.

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Advertising To Your Email Database With CRM Remarketing

Email marketing offers one of the highest return on investments possible with the ability to market to your subscribers ongoing, for next to nothing after the initial cost and effort to get them. Once you’ve built an effective email marketing strategy however what more can you do? Well, one way you can take your email marketing to the next level and utilise the database of prospects you’ve painstakingly built is through CRM Remarketing which is now possible on three of the biggest advertising networks – Google, Facebook and Twitter. Continue Reading

How To Set Up & Launch Twitter Remarketing

Twitter has definitely been a slow mover in terms of creating and launching their own self service ads platform but the good news is that businesses in New Zealand can now run their own Twitter ads. There are a huge range of ad types and targeting you can use but the one I am most excited about is Twitter Remarketing. These ads give you the ability to market to people who have previously visited your website and who know your brand already which can be an incredibly targeted way to generate new customers or to push new offers to past customers. Setting up remarketing is an easy process, simply follow the steps below and you’ll be good to go.
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Why Every Company Should Be Using Remarketing


This article originally appeared on Stop Press.

Remarketing is a growing marketing strategy which a number of companies are not yet utilising, but should be.

Essentially, remarketing is the process of re-engaging your target audience who have had contact with your website through past marketing campaigns, but have not yet converted. It is an extremely effective way of increasing your sales or leads generated online, as your audience is highly targeted and already receptive to your brand.

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Remarketing using Facebook’s Ad Exchange (FBX)

Remarketing has grown in popularity in recent years, but has actually been around for approximately ten years with the term retargeting used initially. Remarketing is a type of marketing where you show your advertising only to people who have been to your website, landing page or those that have read your email marketing. This ensures they do not forget your brand and come back and convert when they are ready.

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