Advertising To Your Email Database With CRM Remarketing

Email marketing offers one of the highest return on investments possible with the ability to market to your subscribers ongoing, for next to nothing after the initial cost and effort to get them. Once you’ve built an effective email marketing strategy however what more can you do? Well, one way you can take your email marketing to the next level and utilise the database of prospects you’ve painstakingly built is through CRM Remarketing which is now possible on three of the biggest advertising networks – Google, Facebook and Twitter. Continue Reading

A Review Of ‘Boat Insurance’ Advertisers On Google Adwords

This article originally appeared on Web Profits blog.

After a sunny Sunday checking out multi-million dollar yachts on Sydney Harbour, the thought of boat ownership crossed my mind.

Forgetting the fact that I lacked a million dollars, an evening researching boats led me to checking out “boat insurance”… and what I found was quite shocking.

With an estimated cost-per-click (CPC) of around $11 and 3,600 searches per month, there’s no doubt that “boat insurance” is a valuable keyword. And from what I found of the advertisers vying for the top positions, almost all of them are leaking money with Google.

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