The Growth Of Mobile Advertising

This article originally appeared on Tune.

One of the biggest shifts in advertising in the past decade has been the exponential growth of mobile advertising. With a shift in the way people use and consume media from newspapers to desktops and now to mobile, the advertising industry has had to change at a rapid pace. So where did mobile advertising begin?

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A Creative Approach To Reputation Management

This reputation management hack sparked my interest in review generation and eventually led to me writing the Definitive Guide to Review Generation – an 8,000+ word guide to generating reviews – check it out here.

The internet has produced many benefits for businesses, but one hard-to-control feature of the online world leaves many business owners stumped – online reviews. Whether these reviews are placed on third party websites or through social media, the ratio of positive to negative reviews posted (as compared to actual experiences) favours the negative. When someone is aggrieved by a situation they feel the need to vent, and this can have a substantial effect on your business’ brand and reputation.

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Interview With Mark Dickson From

This post was written by Abby Lynne and first appeared in Etch Magazine, which has now closed down. I loved the content and the website and wanted to bring it back to life for your benefit. is a web-based start-up cofounded by long term friends Mark Dickson and Keith Roberts, and entrepreneur Jeremy Wyn-Harris. The original idea was born when Mark’s wife, after a few bad experiences with the Yellow Pages, felt that there should be a better way of linking homeowners with tradesmen (& tradeswomen) in New Zealand. The idea of taking this service online seemed like the perfect way to bridge the gap and so Mark rounded up the team and got together to create the first proto-type in 2006.

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