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Google Adwords is a rapidly changing platform with new ad types, extensions and features introduced frequently as Google attempts to attract more advertising dollars and increase the click through rate on adverts as opposed to organic results. Recently there have been so many new features released that chances are you haven’t even heard of them, but should as they offer a chance to increase the results your campaign is generating.

To give you an idea of the ad types and extensions currently available on Google Search I have included screenshots of these features in action. Some of these may still be in beta testing which means unless you are a big advertiser with a dedicated Adwords account manager it is unlikely you will be able to access these features. Don’t fret however, most if not all of the features which are likely to have a positive effect on your campaign do get released to everyone at some point.

Google's Standard Search Ads shown on the top and right of the search results.

Google’s Standard Search Ads shown on the top and right of the search results.

If you see a new feature that you would like to try I recommend you first test it on one consistently performing campaign to see the effect it has on your cost per conversion and other metrics. If the effect is positive then you can roll the feature out onto all of your other appropriate campaigns, or if negative you can continue to test the feature to try and improve the performance. If you want to take it to the extreme you could even split test most of these features, simply set up two duplicate campaigns, one with the feature turned on, one with it off and then use ad scheduling to turn a different campaign on for each hour of the day (ensuring the split test is not biased by the time of day the ads are being run).

I am always on the look out for new ad types so if you spot one or have tested a feature and had success with it please tell me in the comments. At this point I have just looked into Google Search ads but will be following this up with an article on the Google Display network and the Video Advertising options Google offers. If you would like to be notified when I release this article simply click here and sign up for my free newsletter.

Product Listing Ads


Image Extensions


Sitelink Extensions


Review Extensions


Location Extensions


Site Search Extensions


Phone Number Extensions


Social Extensions


Offer/Deal Extensions


Mailing List Extensions


Video Extensions


Seller Rating Extensions


Hotel Comparison Ads


Click To Call Extensions (mobile)


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