Repurposing Content: Getting More Out Of Every Piece Of Content You Create

Creating content is hard. You need to come up with an awesome idea, get buy in from colleagues, film or write the content, edit it, get compliance approval and finally publish and promote it. Once all is done, you then need to start again.

What if I told you there was a simple way to get way more out of every piece of content you create.

Well, there is and it’s called content repurposing.

All you need to do with content repurposing is ensure every piece of content you produce can be reused across different channels, different stages of the funnel and different campaigns.

Take for example a piece of content I created recently.

It was titled “9 common things that stunt business growth” and I initially created it for a presentation at a conference I was speaking at.

Usually, that would be it and i’d move onto the next piece of content. But to get more out of it I decided to repurpose the content which i’d spent hours on and get the highest return from that time possible.

First step was to film my whole talk as a piece for our Digital Insights series – it was a pretty long script so at the same time as filming the whole video I also filmed 9 alternative starts and endings and ensured you could crop each of the 9 common things into their own video. The result – 1 long video which we promoted on Web Profits blog along with 9 short videos which I could promote on LinkedIn and Youtube weekly.

Next step was to convert my script for the video into an article and incorporate all of the imagery from my presentation which had been custom designed and looked pretty good. I then went ahead and outreached to the big sites in our industry and managed to get it published as a guest post on ConversionXL.

From there I republished the article in two locations, setup Facebook ads for the videos and blog article and i’m now planning on turning the article into an eBook plus each of the 9 ways into creative images for Instagram. I’ve also added the article as an email into an evergreen email sequence we’re building so it will keep being used for years.

So from that 1 piece of content I ended up generating a conference talk, a presentation deck, 10 videos, a guest post, 2x republished blog articles, an evergreen email, some ad campaigns and have plans for more. The best part? It was a single piece of content requiring a single amount of time, effort and brain power meaning my return from that initial investment is so much higher than if I moved onto the next piece of content.

So, the next time you’re creating content have a think about every possible way you could repurpose it across the channels you’re active on and not only will you have to create less content, you’ll also get a better return out of the pieces that you do create.

Duncan Jones

About The Author - Duncan Jones

I am a growth marketing specialist from New Zealand and im passionate about growing businesses through creative and performance focused digital marketing. I insist on tracking everything, follow proven growth processes and I still love the thrill of getting a first conversion then optimising & scaling the campaigns for clients across a huge range of industries. You can find me on LinkedIn here, find out how to hire me here or you can contact me here.

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