Bing Chat Bots, Google Attribution & Apple App Store Ads

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Today i’m going to be talking to you about Microsoft’s new Chat Bots, Googles Attribution tool and Apples app store ads.

Bings New Chat Bots

Bing has joined other big tech companies by launching their own Chat Bots. These will appear directly in the search results page and will allow users to get basic questions about local businesses answered, such as “what are your opening hours?” or “do you serve vegetarian food?”. If a user asks a question that is to hard for the bot they will be pushed to call the business direct.

The great news for businesses is that these chat bots will be created automatically from data provided to Bing Places and the ability to optimise and improve both the questions and answers will be added over time.

Bing are the first to launch chat bots into their search results pages and I predict it won’t be long until the ability to integrate the bots with ads, and sell via them, is introduced.

Googles Attribution Tool

Google have had enough of people using last click attribution to determine where a sale came from and they’re on a mission to change this. So they’ve launched a new, free tool and its called Google Attribution. It will allow you to accurately break down all the channels and find out which ones contributed to a sale.

Essentially you’ll integrate all your marketing channels into the tool and then it will use machine learning to work out the best attribution model for your specific campaigns. This will then enable you to work out the actual impact that top of the funnel advertising such as Display has had on your overall results and where you should invest in the future.

Google Attribution is still in Beta and I’m eagerly awaiting access. The two things I’m hoping for are that it’s easy to setup and use, and that its fair across all marketing channels with no bias towards Google products. Let’s wait and see.

Apples Search Ads In The App Store

Last year, Apple launched a new form of advertising – App Store ads and we’re starting to see a big uptake in Australia. Essentially you can now display a PPC ad on any search term in the app store with the cost per click ranging from 25 to 50 cents.

Because the ads are being shown on the exact platform the the user will download the app from, they’re working well. Higher conversion rates are leading to cost per downloads of around $1 vs $2-$5 on Google & Facebook.

Like anything with online marketing, its important you test so compare it against other channels and ensure you look at all metrics so that you get quality users who keep using your app.

That’s it for now thanks for watching.

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