Improving The Rank Of Your eCommerce Category Pages

Most eCommerce companies have put a lot of time and effort into their product descriptions and many go as far as utilising ‘direct sales’ style copywriting for each and every product. This focus on products has a significant effect on the conversion rate of the website (which is good) however it also leads to neglecting other pages of the website such as the category pages. Currently many eCommerce companies do not have any unique content on their category pages which will be impeding their SEO strategy, their ability to rank for certain keywords and their overall sales success.

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Case Study: Where Should Your Button Link To?

This article originally appeared on Web Profits blog.

Through many years of split-testing I have found that the key to a successful “above-the-fold” section of a website or landing page is a well-written headline and a strong call-to-action.

But where should the call-to-action button link to? That was what I wanted to find out.

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11 Essential Steps Before Launching A New Website

One major issue that exists in the online marketing industry is companies who do not consider the effect that changes to your website can have on your overall marketing strategy and success. I commonly hear about designers making or recommending major changes to websites without split testing them, or launching a new website without consideration for the traffic being sent to the website. These issues can cause huge drops in the performance of all of your online marketing. If you are thinking of launching a new or updated web design ensure that you follow these 11 essential steps which will help maintain your SEO rankings and ensure any paid advertising continues uninterrupted.

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14 Ways To Monetise Your Content & Maximise Your Profit

buy-sell-earningsSo you’ve build a great website full of content, mastered SEO and the visitors are trickling in. You only have one problem – you aren’t making money from it. But where do you start? Well firstly, this article is talking to sites that are purely set up to make money from content – think online magazines, news publishers or even small do-it-yourself gardening guides. If you have a website for your business and you are regularly posting content to a blog, this article is not for you, as you have already monetised your website in the form of generating leads or eCommerce sales and adding advertising to your content will likely hurt your main website focus.

If however you are creating great content and its generating a lot of website traffic in the process there are plenty of options to turn your website into a money generating machine. As with everything online there are some clear top performers and some that will get you little return for your effort. I will go into detail on some of the best monetisation options below:

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17 Free WordPress Plugins You Should Use

WordPress is one of the most used and most advanced content management systems (CMS) in the world with more than 60 million websites using its framework to run their sites – including my website. WordPress began as a tool for bloggers and quickly became the most popular blogging system on the internet, and is arguably one of the best platforms for a websites onsite SEO available. Since then it has grown, and now entire websites rely on the software with 18.9% of the top 10 million sites in the world running WordPress.

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