6 Marketing Blunders Entrepreneurs Make When Starting Out In Ecommerce

The way we shop is changing. As consumers we are always looking for the next best thing when it comes to products, services and convenience. As online shopping continues to become more popular, with total online spending by New Zealanders in January up 16 percent compared to last year, smart ecommerce entrepreneurs need to be prepared to up their game. From SEO and A/B testing to web design and content marketing, there’s a lot that needs doing to ensure your online store stands out. Unfortunately, not everybody gets it right.

Here are 6 marketing mistakes you should avoid when launching your great ecommerce venture.

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Want To Pimp Your Start-up? Get Blogging And Engage!

As a tech company co-founder and advisor I get a lot of approaches from people who have launched “the next big thing” on the web and naturally want to share it with the world. My advice is always the same. Build a fantastic product that customers love and start writing and talking about it – a lot. Here’s a couple of other tips for getting noticed.

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