Introducing Googles Keyword Planner

Everybody in the SEO and SEM/PPC world will have heard the news that Googles Keyword Tool is being retired soon and panicked. Googles Keyword Tool has been around for years and is a frequently used and much cherished tool in almost every online marketers toolkit.

There is no need to panic however as at the same time as retiring one tool, Google has launched a new one named Keyword Planner which aims to combine the Keyword Tool and an extremely underused part of the Adwords interface, the Traffic Estimator.

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What is Broken Link Building?

The concept of broken link building is not a new one, but is one getting mentioned more frequently on forums and websites in the SEO world. It is a white hat technique which offers a number of advantages, and is able to be scaled relatively easily.

Essentially, the strategy involves:

  • Locating high quality resource sites in your / your clients industry.
  • Scanning these sites for broken links.
  • Contacting the owner of the site letting them know about the broken link and suggesting they update it to link to a relevant article on your website.

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