Tracking The Success Of Your Marketing Campaigns

One of the main advantages of online marketing is the ability to accurately track the success of different marketing sources, this enables optimisation of each campaign and efficient allocation of budgets to improve the ROI. This advantage is one that is essential to outperform competitors yet a large number of businesses that are investing money online are yet to set up a way to track different sources. It is not hard to set up your website to enable this tracking however, simply follow these instructions.

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How To Create Forms That Convert

This article originally appeared on Web Profits blog.

Web forms are a commonly overlooked feature of websites and landing pages that can have a big impact on conversion rates. The copy, layout and design of a form is important, and can be the difference between getting or losing a lead. Despite the impact forms have, they are rarely changed or tested, leaving a big opportunity to improve overall conversion rates.

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5 Landing Pages I Love

Landing pages are comonly used in PPC and Social Media campaigns by directing visitors to a URL of your choice, and recently they have even been used in place of an entire website. Landing pages are essentially cut down versions of the full website, and remove distractions such as menu items and usually have a clear headline and one main call to action which is the focus of the page. Landing pages generally have a higher conversion rate than standard websites and make split testing and conversion rate optimisation quick and easy to implement.

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