29 Of The Greatest 404 Error Pages On The Internet

The dreaded 404 error. It is something that a large portion of internet users see on a daily basis with websites continually being updated and upgraded by careless webmasters who forget to set up redirects (despite great guides on how to launch a new website correctly like this one). With the rate of 404 errors so high you would think it would be a priority to optimise these pages for every website; though most simply leave their boring and uninspiring server or CMS error page up.
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Online Marketing Conferences, Expos & Forums in New Zealand & Australia 2015

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Last year was a big year, with the launch of Facebook Remarketing and self-service Twitter advertising being the highlights for me. With online marketing rapidly changing and new products constantly launching, this year is likely to be no different. Keeping educated on the latest in online marketing is key to maximising your ROI and staying one step ahead of your competitors with conferences, expos and forums an ideal way to learn.

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Marketing lessons from ‘The WestJet Christmas Miracle’ video

Dr Michael Hewitt Gleeson is the best-selling author of ‘WOMBAT Selling’.

Michael suggests that the ideal goal in all selling is to create delighted clients who then help you to get more clients.

To do this, you need what Michael calls POV or ‘Pass on Value.’

In other words, you want to make it easy for someone to ‘pass on the value’ of what you offer to other people they know.

I saw a wonderful example of POV recently. Canadian Airline WestJet released a five minute video on YouTube called ‘The WestJet Christmas Miracle.’

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Online Marketing Conferences in New Zealand & Australia 2014

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Online Marketing is an extremely fast moving and ever changing environment where skills you learn one day may not work the next. Because of this, it is extremely important to keep up to date with the latest techniques and strategies being used. Conferences and expos are one of the best ways to do this and involve spending 1-3 days attending seminars, training workshops, exhibitions and some of the best key note speakers the online marketing world has to offer.

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