How To Pick A Font For Your Website

One of the hardest aspects of creating a website can be deciding which font to use, and with thousands of options the choices can be overwhelming. However, this can be a straight forward process, with the first step being a decision between a serif font (each letter has small strokes/lines from the ends) or a sans serif font (simple and straight forward letters – like what you are reading now).

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Introducing Googles Keyword Planner

Everybody in the SEO and SEM/PPC world will have heard the news that Googles Keyword Tool is being retired soon and panicked. Googles Keyword Tool has been around for years and is a frequently used and much cherished tool in almost every online marketers toolkit.

There is no need to panic however as at the same time as retiring one tool, Google has launched a new one named Keyword Planner which aims to combine the Keyword Tool and an extremely underused part of the Adwords interface, the Traffic Estimator.

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The Benefits of Live Chat

With the demand for ‘instant’ answers from potential customers rising in the social media age, having a website that offers enquiry forms is increasingly seen as a hassle with time delays in response causing lost sales for businesses. These demands have seen a rise in the number of websites offering ‘Live Chat’ and for good reason with some studies showing up to a 31% increase in the number of leads generated when using the service.

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