Advertising To Your Email Database With CRM Remarketing

Email marketing offers one of the highest return on investments possible with the ability to market to your subscribers ongoing, for next to nothing after the initial cost and effort to get them. Once you’ve built an effective email marketing strategy however what more can you do? Well, one way you can take your email marketing to the next level and utilise the database of prospects you’ve painstakingly built is through CRM Remarketing which is now possible on three of the biggest advertising networks – Google, Facebook and Twitter. Continue Reading

Email Marketing War: MailChimp vs Constant Contact vs GetResponse

Email is an essential element in any online marketing strategy with its low ongoing costs and impressive ROI. With so many different email and CRM platforms out there it can be hard to work out what is best for your business. Here is an Infographic I have prepared that quickly and easily breaks down three of the top platforms and how they compare.

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Taking Your Email Marketing To The Next Level With Browse Abandonment Emails

If you have an eCommerce or transactional website which sells online you will no doubt be using email marketing to drive sales. One email technique which you probably aren’t taking advantage of is Browse Abandonment Emails. A lot of case studies have shown great success with this form of email, such as Silverpop’s client SmartPak Equine who generated a 37.6% open rate, 7.4% click-through rate and 44 cents revenue per email sent (compared to $4.80 RPES for their cart abandonment emails).

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How To Increase Your Email Subscribers Dramatically

In 1978 Gary Thuerk dubbed the ‘Father of Spam’ sent a message promoting DEC machines (an early computer system) to 394 recipients which resulted in many sales and the start of email marketing as we know it. Since then, it has come a long way and forms the back bone of many successful online marketing strategies.

The biggest benefit of email marketing is ownership of your subscribers which allows you to continue marketing to them at a very low cost. However, building subscribers in the first place is hard. People are more hesitant than ever to put their email address into a form and there are many companies vying for attention. Buying lists are a no-go both legally and in the results they generate, so what do you do?

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Improving Your Email Marketing ROI With Subject Line Testing

Email Marketing has been around almost as long as the internet, and the reason that it has stood the test of time is purely down to performance. Email continues to deliver a high ROI for the marketing spend required and is relied on by hundreds of thousands of companies around the world to generate leads and sales. There is still a big difference between ‘successful’ email marketing and ‘really successful’ email marketing and that difference boils down to one thing – testing.

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