What Your Business Needs To Know About The New .nz Domain Name Extension

Domain names have been rapidly changing lately with a huge range of new top level domains released. These new domains make it possible to register a domain name ending in .guru, .club or even .sexy (and hundreds of other options). These changes are also not limited to english with it now possible to register a domain name in another language and have it end in .公司 (.company), .在线 (.online) or many other non-latin scripts.

The biggest development in New Zealand domains however is not the new TLDs, it is the release of the .nz top level domain extension which allows you to register yourname.nz instead of requiring an additional second level extension such as .co.nz or .org.nz. This move by the Domain Name Commission has been met with excitement, frustration and a large number of businesses that aren’t even aware of the change. So what do you need to know?

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Buying Expired Domain Names in New Zealand

Every day hundreds of domain names that were registered expire or are dropped, either because the business has closed, because the registrant didn’t wish to spend any more money on it, or by mistake. Once a domain name expires there is a ‘holding period’ of 90 days where the domain is placed in ‘pending release’ status and the registrant can renew the domain. During this time any website which is on the domain name will not work, giving anyone who has made a mistake time to re-register. After the holding period the registrar releases a list of all the expiring domain names on a given day which are then made available to be registered 48 hours later, on a first come first served basis.

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Using Exact Match Domain Names for SEM

An exact match domain is where a domain name matches a targeted search term exactly. For example, for someone selling blue widgets in New Zealand the exact match domain would be bluewidgets.co.nz. These type of domain names have frequently been used in SEO strategies as having the EMD gave a huge boost to rankings for the target keyword, although recently this SEO tactic has been devalued.

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