Case Study: Do Short Forms Always Win?

It is commonly thought that the shorter the form is on your website or landing page the higher the conversion rate will be. I have personally seen short forms outperform long ones consistently as they cause less friction and require less time and commitment from a potential prospect however I wanted to test if this was always the case.

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Case Study: How One Simple Change Increased Expedia’s Revenue By $12 Million A Year

expedia-logoAs an online business Expedia relies entirely on their website to drive revenue, with even small user experience issues having major potential costs. Expedia have a team of UX specialists and every part of their website is planned meticulously. However that doesn’t mean they stop trying to increase their conversion rate.

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Case Study: Where Should Your Button Link To?

This article originally appeared on Web Profits blog.

Through many years of split-testing I have found that the key to a successful “above-the-fold” section of a website or landing page is a well-written headline and a strong call-to-action.

But where should the call-to-action button link to? That was what I wanted to find out.

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10 Conversion Rate Optimisation Blogs You Should Be Reading

Knowledge is king, especially when it comes to the fast growing and rapidly evolving field of online marketing and keeping yourself up-to-date with the latest news, tips, tricks and strategies can be the difference between crushing your competitors or being crushed. Whilst you are currently on the best online marketing blog in New Zealand (self rated!) there are also a huge range of other valuable blogs out there which you should be reading and learning new things from especially in the field of conversion rate optimisation. Before you head over to these other blogs I recommend you click here to subscribe to my newsletter and ill send you a short, advertising free email to let you know when I release new content.

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Best Split Testing & A/B Testing Software

Split testing, also known as A/B testing, is essential to successful conversion rate optimisation of any website. Split testing involves having two (or more) variations of a page with slight or major differences between them. Send an equal amount of website visitors to both the original and variation of the page, and use the number of conversions or revenue generated by each variation to determine which is the most successful and should be used going forward.

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