The Best New Zealand Directories To List Your Business In

One of the first things you should do when starting SEO and embarking on a link building campaign is to ensure the website is listed in the best directories. These are easy links to get and whilst they won’t get you ranking for a competitive term they will help. Directories have had a bad rap since Google’s algorithm updates targeting low quality links, however if you ensure you only list on high quality directories which are useful, well designed and have potential to send you traffic then you will be fine. Its important for each directory listing to have unique content so ensure you go to the effort of rewriting your business description.

There are a number of high quality directories based in New Zealand, some which charge (which I tend to stay away from) and the following which are free and well worth getting listed on. I have included each directory’s Citation Score and Trust Flow score from MajesticSEO which are an indicator of quality and strength (the higher the better):

NZ Directory

Trust Flow: 51; Citation Flow: 44

Trust Flow: 56; Citation Flow: 51


Trust Flow: 26; Citation Flow: 31

Google My Business

Includes a Google Maps listing.


Trust Flow: 34; Citation Flow: 43


Trust Flow: 29; Citation Flow: 29

After you have listed your business in each of the above directories it is important to start searching for niche directories which match your business, for example for a Christchurch based business. There will be a lot of niche directories which will suit your business however don’t overdo it, and only stick to the quality directories or your SEO plans could back fire. Have you spotted any other directories in New Zealand worth listing in? Let me know in the comments.

Duncan Jones

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