Video: How To Optimise Your Digital Marketing To Improve Lead Quality

This article originally appeared as a guest post on Business Business Business.

When you’re generating leads online you generally setup conversion tracking and measure and optimise every campaign you’re running. Over time, you cut the poor performing campaigns and allocate budgets to the channels delivering the lowest cost per conversion. This strategy results in your cost per lead decreasing month-on-month, which is great.

But there’s one element that a lot of companies are missing when running campaigns in this way, and that is lead quality.

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What Is Referrer Spam & How Can You Block It

If you constantly dig around in your Analytics software looking for opportunities and insights you have likely noticed referrer spam. Used for quite a long time but taken to a new level by a company called (which calls itself an SEO tool) essentially this method of ‘advertising’ is where your website is flooded with traffic from all different countries, IP addresses, devices and at different times during the week but all with the same website referrer. The hope of these spammers is that you will then notice the traffic in your analytics and investigate why the website is linking to you – to then convert to their service, or buy their product.

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11 Essential Steps Before Launching A New Website

One major issue that exists in the online marketing industry is companies who do not consider the effect that changes to your website can have on your overall marketing strategy and success. I commonly hear about designers making or recommending major changes to websites without split testing them, or launching a new website without consideration for the traffic being sent to the website. These issues can cause huge drops in the performance of all of your online marketing. If you are thinking of launching a new or updated web design ensure that you follow these 11 essential steps which will help maintain your SEO rankings and ensure any paid advertising continues uninterrupted.

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What Direct Traffic in Google Analytics Could Really Be

Google Analytics is one of the most popular tracking programs used online today and marketers frequently use it to analyse the success of their campaigns. Analytics can quickly and accurately tell you the source of every visitor to your website whether from an Organic Search, a Referral or a number of other source types. The one source type that is commonly misunderstood is Direct traffic.

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