What Is Affiliate Marketing & How Can It Help Your Business

Kiwi consumers have embraced online shopping; a recent Nielsen report estimated the value of online spending in New Zealand in 2014 at $4.15 billion. Retailers are now competing for a slice of a much larger pie and as such, a more sophisticated blend of online marketing channels is required. Affiliate marketing is one of those channels, in recent years it has grown from strength to strength and continues to evolve at a rapid pace. If it’s something that you’ve heard of but you’re not sure about, then here is a breakdown of what you really need to know.

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14 Ways To Monetise Your Content & Maximise Your Profit

buy-sell-earningsSo you’ve build a great website full of content, mastered SEO and the visitors are trickling in. You only have one problem – you aren’t making money from it. But where do you start? Well firstly, this article is talking to sites that are purely set up to make money from content – think online magazines, news publishers or even small do-it-yourself gardening guides. If you have a website for your business and you are regularly posting content to a blog, this article is not for you, as you have already monetised your website in the form of generating leads or eCommerce sales and adding advertising to your content will likely hurt your main website focus.

If however you are creating great content and its generating a lot of website traffic in the process there are plenty of options to turn your website into a money generating machine. As with everything online there are some clear top performers and some that will get you little return for your effort. I will go into detail on some of the best monetisation options below:

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